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Construction Law & Litigation

New construction is booming in Nashville and Middle Tennessee. Chances are high that something will go wrong during the construction of a residential home or commercial building.  At McInteer & O’Rear PLC, we have a wide variety of experience in assisting our clients with residential and commercial construction disputes. 


Construction disputes can take a variety of forms: You may have sold or bought a building with a construction or design defect; or a contractor or subcontractor may not be upholding their end of the contract. Any deviation from the construction contract, including delays, cost overruns, poor workmanship, can quickly lead to litigation.  If you are a homeowner, the stakes could not be higher, as your home is likely to be your biggest investment.  If you want to protect yourself against the builder, contact our firm to discuss your options. 


On the other hand, we also represent builders, construction companies, and developers in construction dispute matters.   As a business, we know that your financial resources and reputation are on the line in any construction dispute. It is important that you work with an attorney to ensure your interests are properly represented. At McInteer & O’Rear PLC, we have developed a cost-effective and results-oriented strategy to assist both plaintiffs and defendants in construction disputes.

In addition to litigating construction defect disputes in numerous Tennessee courts, we offer assistance in construction risk identification.  Our construction litigation and dispute experience includes:

  • Construction and design defects or failures;

  • Lien disputes;

  • General counsel services for Construction Companies;

  • Copyright disputes over architectural plans;

  • Property damage disputes;

  • Breach of contract disputes;

  • Property insurance disputes;

  • Inspection disputes and expert-related issues;

  • Payment disputes; and

  • Scope of work disputes


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