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Copyright Litigation

At McInteer & O'Rear PLC, we frequently litigate copyright infringement mattes, and we pride ourselves on the significant amount of experience we have in this field.  In addition to litigating high-profile copyright lawsuits in Tennessee and Alabama, our lawyers have spoken about copyright law at SXSW and other legal symposiums, and we have written about copyright law in national publications such as Billboard and American Songwriter. 


Copyright owners know that sometimes it only takes a right click of a mouse to infringe a valuable copyright in today’s digital media age. Music, sound recordings, visual art, software, photographs, books, architectural plans, video games, and films are all protected by the United States Copyright Act. The Copyright Act provides an incentive for the creation of artistic works by rewarding authors and artists with a set of exclusive rights―many of these rights have tremendous economic value and are often assigned or licensed. Copyright law is particularly important to any individual or business that creates, licenses, or authors content, both digital and non-digital.


Among other engagements, our lawyers have successfully represented:


  • Photographers in online copyright infringement matters;

  • Publishing and record companies;

  • An awarding-winning home design firm in a copyright dispute with a building company;

  • Visual artists in copyright infringement matters;

  • Creators of software and apps;

  • Print and digital news outlets;

  • Internet service providers in DMCA issues; and

  • Award-winning entertainers, as well as enabling favorable settlements on behalf of various content owners and artists in copyright infringement matters. 

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