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Business & Commercial Litigation

In business, legal disputes are inevitable and unavoidable.  No one can change the facts that led you or your business into a dispute, but the attorneys at McInteer & O’Rear can help decisively alter the outcome. The earlier we are brought in, the more likely we will be able to help you or your business avoid litigation.  And when litigation is truly unavoidable or has already been filed, we craft and implement strategies designed to put you or your business in the best possible position for success. 

Business and commercial litigation is a broad category of law, and our firm handles cases for businesses and individuals operating across a myriad of industries.  We collaborate with our business clients to learn and discern how a dispute fits into the clients’ overall business goals.  From there, we have a unique understanding of how to use the procedural rules of law to meet those goals, a skillful and strategic approach to negotiating resolutions, and, if ultimately necessary, significant experience actually taking cases to trial. 

In 2018, we obtained a $2 million judgment on behalf a client in an LLC dispute.  After appeal, the trial court conducted a supplemental hearing in 2022 on a discrete issue of the law.  We prevailed again, and the trial court entered a judgment over $2 million with pre-judgment interest awarded to our client. Also this year, we obtained a complete defense verdict at trial for a professional corporation and its owner who had been sued for liquidated damages, violating non-competes, and multiple breaches of contract. 

We typically represent clients and provide consultative services in various practices including complex business matters, limited liability companies and corporations, partner, owner and member disputes, business interference, trade secrets, theft of confidential information, intellectual property, music business, contracts, real estate, construction, financial services, healthcare, computer and internet technology, and consumer protection.

We are licensed to practice in all courts in Tennessee and Alabama, with extensive experience in both federal and state courts in Davidson County, Tennessee and the greater Middle Tennessee area. We also have experience serving as local counsel in the Nashville where our clients utilize national counsel to coordinate their business disputes and litigation. 

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